Film: 7449

Social History | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Huntley amateur home movies, the sisters Amanda Huntley and Suzanne Huntley.

The view from a train window while travelling past a platform. Two men placing black wooden boarding on the outside of a building called the Continentale. Another shot once the boards have been set up, lots of posters advertising a film festival have been stuck all over the boards on the front entrance of the building. The main title poster reads 'Old Time Cinema'. A baby in a pram, turns her head and then smiles. A traditional half-timbered (Tudor, black-and-white) building. The building is shown to be the Aldeburgh Cinema. A poster on the side of the building has a few words that can be picked out: "War Game", "The Ugly Dachshund" and "Doctor in Clover". A steam tractor (?) drives past, two men are driving it. A woman holds a baby girl in windy conditions and tickles her tummy and chin. A young girl dances on some grass.

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