Film: 745

Music | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Reginald Foort plays his organ at the Paramount Cinema, London. Set to images of London 1930's

Cinema queue at night. Buskers play for the queue. Flower seller. Man in evening wear walks by. Piccadilly Circus at night. Prince of Wales theatre. Neon lights. Pedestrians on the night street. Neon light for 'Amusements'. Traffic light turns to red.
Various shots of the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park. Boy feeds a duck. Ducks waddling by the bank, not many people around.
General views of the Tower of London. Pedestrian walk past. Traitor's gate. Various towers, gateways and walls. A shot of the Tower from through one of the iron supports of Tower Bridge. A view from a boat passing by on the Thames. Another shot from Tower Bridge.
The Olde Bull and Bush pub or public house in Hampstead, North London. Two shots of exterior. Drinkers at outside tables. People seated in the pub garden. Wider exterior view, two horses stand outside.
Coldstream Guards in full dress uniform pass by on horseback. They approach Horseguards Parade. They pass through the archway that leads to Whitehall.
The Thames River, brief shot of Greenwich, Royal Naval College. Scenes filmed from a boat. Single funnelled ship passes. A view of docks from a boat. A tug pulls two barges along the Thames. A steamer passes. Sailing barge. A large barge being punted along the river. Approaching Tower Bridge. Passing Customs House. Passing under some bridges. Moored sailing barges. Wide shot of docks with Tower Bridge to the rear. Another wide shot with the Savoy Hotel and Hungerford Bridge in the distance. Lambeth Hospital.
Commuters walking over London Bridge. Two shots. Pan from the bridge down to the Thames.
Marching army band passes by St James's Palace. Some guards with guns on shuolders perform a slow march. More guards gathered in the courtyard of St James' Palace. More shots of marching Coldsteam Guards with busbies on their heads while Reginald plays a royal tribute. Busy pavement in front of Buckingham Palace.
Cuts back to Foort playing his cinema organ.

(7 mins 30 seconds)

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