Film: 7455

Sport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Boxing 1970's

A series of close-up shots of different boxers wearing headguards in the gymnasium. A boxer wearing a gown, on which is the name Charlie Green, sits and stretches his arms out. Another boxer looks at himself in the mirror. Close-up of boxers doing sit-ups, leg and neck exercises

A pugilist stands opposite his trainer, throwing slow punches into the trainer's upraised open hands. Close-up of boxer doing a shadow boxing routine in front of mirror and a punchbag workout. Elderly gentleman sits in the gym. A towel wrapped around a pipe is held tight in between a boxer's teeth as he swivels his head around, strengthening his neck muscles. Man in shirt and tie yawns and rubs the back of his head. Two boxers skip back and forth. Elderly trainer advising boxer on his shadow-boxing routine. Old man with cap and glasses chews on the end of a cigar.
The camera pans across revealing a boxer practising on the punch-ball, one doing his skipping rope exercise and another lying on his back on a bench, lifting his head up and down. An old man in suit gently punches punch-ball. Close-up of boxer doing sit-ups. Behind him three others do various training routines, skipping rope, punch-ball and stretching movements. Boxer in white T-shirt shadow boxes.

Close-up of trainer, leaning on the ringside ropes looking at sparring boxers. Succession of shots which cut from the watching trainer to another onlooker and then to the sparring boxers. The trainer, now in a T-shirt, by way of punching movements shows a boxer what is required. Little boy playfully spars with boxer on gym floor. Two punch bags swing as boxers pummel into them. Boxer moves forwards and backwards in time with the punch- ball. Trainer holds medicine ball close to his body, while boxer unleashes left and right punches into it.

Close-up of boxer's torso whilst punching punch bag. View of boxer's back and shoulders as he jogs up and down on the spot. Boxers work- out on the punch-ball: One- in white T-shirt- hits the moving object. The other dodges around and under the punch-ball. Focus on perspiring head of boxer as he, presumably, does his skipping-rope routine. Close-up of boxer throwing a combination of punches on punch bag.

Intensive work-out on the punchball, fast hand movements. Two boxers with head guards spar in the ring. Elderly trainer picks a towel from the head of a boxer, who watches a sparring bout, and drapes it over the boxer's shoulders. Close-up head shots of trainer. (with shirt and tie), perspiring boxer and old man with cap and glasses. A boxer throws a series of blows against the punch bag. Two trainers (in close-up profile view) shout words of encouragement and advice. The punchbag work-out continues as boxer dances around the bag. This builds up into an intensity, before cutting into footage of the boxer in a 'real' boxing match. He fights with a white boxer. Jabs are thrown to the head of the opponent who tries to fight back. Eventually, the opponent is trapped on the ropes receiving punishing blows.

Camera moves past the 50 cents admission sign and into the gym where boxers are in training.

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