Film: 7458

Sport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Film about two of the sport activities available to tourists in Bulgaria 1970's

An oddly edited film. Rows of beach umbrellas on white sandy beach. View of buildings and trees as the camera moves around the surroundings. Close up of the courts. TENNIS: Scene of tennis centre going on to show the tennis courts. Man miming the moves of a tennis player (very jerky, quite amusing), then teaching woman. Man playing tennis with auto-server. HORSE RIDING: Rows of horses, saddles hanging on the wall and horses in stalls. Views of outside facilities and people leaning of the fence of the school. Man teaching woman how to mount horse, several shots of different people getting onto the horse. Group trotting around the school,riding calmly through the forest and along the empty beach occasionally entering the water with high-rise hotels, parasols and rolling hills in the background.

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