Film: 7463

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Burma 1940's …now Myanmar

The making of the road that joined Ledo and Lashio - the Burma Road, India / China during World War Two. Map marks Burma Road and Myitkyina in Burma and Ledo in India. Landscape, hills of Burma as seen from the air. River bank from the air, white line following edge of land, looks like a road on a steep mountainside. Can see old river beds running down to river. Truck on road driving along road or more likely dry river bed at bottom of ravine. Bank rises steeply on the side, lots of trees and bushes, more trucks following in a convoy. Truck driving across suspension bridge over river. Steep mountainside, one side with winding road, other side a concrete structure, edge of bridge. Old Burmese man with cheroot in mouth, bare chest, traditional black trousers and a beret using a pickaxe to break up stone. Camera pans to right to see another person doing the same. This person wears shorts and waistcoat over black leggings. Burmese child squatting on pile of rocks wearing woollen hat. Burmese women, possibly Karen, wear trousers with short skirts over the top and white blouses and hats. They carry yokes with baskets of stones attached. Men carrying yokes walking away from camera. One man has his trousers bound closely to himself. The other wears wide, loose trousers. They reach edge of road and drop stones onto it. Lots of tribal Burmese breaking rocks with pick-axes, piles of rocks, grassland, then hill with strip of forest. Camera pans along to see truck driving along road and more Burmese working at breaking rocks.

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