Film: 7468

Entertainment + Leisure | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Night time Paris in France 1940's

Maloja Pass. Hairpin turns on a mountain. Rally cars.
Montmartre . The Moulin Rouge, other nightclub exteriors with neon lights. Topless floor shows over the heads of the audience. Women dance together in frilly corsets, but showing their breasts. Can can girl waving her skirts. Cabaret show, more topless women. Women in a variety of costumes, some good shots of the stage. A topless gypsy dance. Empire Music hall Revue. Show girls doing a floor routine with lots of feathers, dancing around on the stage, walking down a long staircase, very Broadway musical. The girls are topless now. A woman in black is carried and dances around with men in white dinner jackets and black trousers.
Cabarets de Paris. 'the sun sets behind the Arc de Triomphe but Paris does not sleep. More neon lights with the windmill of Moulin Rouge and Eve. A floor show with topless girls, a belly dancer. The Bal Tabarin night club, home of the can-can dancers. Amazing can-can performance. Excellent shots of can-can dancers going down in the splits. Girls doing acrobatics on a moving carousel which rises up over the floor. Various exotic dancers ( Arabian nights theme?).
Paris Revue. ' A scene in the court of Louis the XIV.' Women with feathers in their hairs and corsets on stage with a man in 17th century dress. Some of the women are topless. 'the figures on the clock face tell the time.' almost naked women arranged on a clock face to point to six o'clock .
'French revue is not complete without its comedy sketch. Man dressed up as a large maid walks onto the stage. The maid pulls the melons she has been using as breasts out of her dress!!! It’s a man!!!
The grand finale by the entire company. Showgirls, centre one is almost naked.

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