Film: 7470

Aviation | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Oil industry film - part of a series explaining the principles of aviation. In general well explained in simple terms. Good shots of light and model aircraft 1940's

Light aircraft flying (shot from a parallel plane in the air). Building, possibly an aircraft hangar, with a "wind sock", indicating strength and direction of wind. Aeroplane FCUO flying. It dips its nose forward and sharply drops in altitude. Cut to a table with a checked cloth cover. On it, there is a "Weeble" child's toy (with a spherical bottom so that famously it will "wobble, but it won't fall down"),a vase containing white flowers, and a ball. Hand rolls ball gently. The picutre freezes and the narrator tells us that the ball has neutral stability. Hand knocks vase over. The picture freezes mid-fall and the voiceover announces that it has instability. Hand pushes the toy sideways. Picture freezes and the toy has stability.

Cut to sky seen through the windscreen of a cockpit. Man in earphones and mask piloting airplane on left of frame. Cut to child's toy. It wobbles, but it doesn't fall down. Cut to side view of aeroplane in the air (small, two seater). Plane rises sharply in altitude and then descends slightly again. Cut to a football on a table. It has neutral stability. Woman's hand picks up a vase of white flowers from next to the football. The vase has instability. Weeble has stability. Three items all placed on the gingham table cloth. New toy appears on the table. It is a wooden duck on a semi-circle block of wood (it's a rocking duck). Duck is stable if pitched (a hand rocks the duck backwards and forwards), but unstable if rolled (hand knocks the duck sideways). Hand swivels the duck to demonstrate that it has neutral stability if turned.

Man in a field holds a large model aeroplane. He dips the nose forward to indicate pitching. He moves the plane from side to side to indicate rolling. He twists the model plane to demonstrate yawing. The plane must be stable for all of these movements. Man runs and throws the model plane into the air. It flies for some time.

Intertitle: 'Longitudinal stability (pitching)'.
Model airplane pitches and returns to normal flight. Real plane in the air (small and shot from side on). Close up of the tail plane. Fades into a black diagram of a tail plane and a side shot of the aeroplane. Main wing appears in white. Diagram of the plane pitches up. White wing disappears. Focus on the white tail plane and white arrows showing the air flow over it. White spot appears indicating an aeroplane's centre of gravity. Black airplane pitches downwards. Tail plane gets down load of air pressure and the nose comes up. Real aeroplane pitches and rises, just above the level of the clouds (shot from camera in the air). Plane displays dynamic instability and plunges through the cloud layer. Black diagram and action of tail plane shown again. Tail plane gives longitudinal stability. Side shot of flying plane.

Intertitle: 'Lateral Stability (rolling)'.
Model airplane (being held by the same man) shows a roll. Airplane in the sky shows a roll. Black diagram of aeroplane (face on) shows wind hitting from the opposite direction. Increased lift on lower wing corrects the roll. Real aeroplane (shot from side) drops in altitude and rolls away from the camera. Wing of the aeroplane which contains the camera is also visible. First aeroplane restores normal flight at a lower altitude to the camera-plane. Different plane shot from head on rolls slightly and corrects itself.

Intertitle: 'Directional Stability (yawing)'.
Man holding the model airplane shows it yawing. Car drives towards the camera. Stationary buses seen on the left. Car suddenly yaws. Picture freezes. Arrows superimposed to show drag force on the front and back wheels. Picture starts and the car spins around, eventually traveling backwards. Aeroplane (shot from above) flying quite low. Plane yaws slightly and corrects its path. Stationary airplane at runway - shot of the nose and the propellers on each wing. Camera pans the length of the stationary plane. Weathervane shot from below airplane goes past in the distance. Back to hand holding the model plane. Three types of stability demonstrated by the model and real aeroplanes (repeated shots from previously). Corner of the aircraft hangar and small plane seen flying in the distance (shot from the ground).
End credits - Shell symbol.

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