Film: 7474

Farming + Rural Life | 1940 | Silent | B/W


A postwar film about breeding poultry and chicken farming 1940's The main message seems to be that you should breed poultry in grand style; however, there is no sound (and no intertitles) and so the different techniques and procedures shown are far from clear.

A chick, close-up. It pecks grain. Four small cages with chicks. They are opened and the chicks put in front of them. The farmer's wife feeding chickens. The farmer joins her. Chickens on a meadow. Lots of chickens on a meadow. Farmer and his wife. Inside a barn. Cocks. Outside a house, four men examining cocks, putting them into cages. Inside the barn. A man, examining cocks. Huge baskets of eggs. A man, weighing the eggs one by one. Another man, putting the eggs in shelves on a trolley, putting them into a cupboard to incubate. A man, taking freshly hatched chicks out of a drawer, putting them into boxes with holes in them. Another man, putting the chicks into different boxes, closing the lid and piling them. The boxes are weighed and put on a trolley. Chickens in cages are examined one by one, then either put into a different cage or marked and put on the meadow (and ticked on a list). A man, taking the eggs out of chicken cages, weighing them and writing down the result on a list. He shows the claws of one chicken to the camera: there is a stripe stuck on it (although it is impossible to read it). Two men. One examining chickens he takes out of cages one by one, the other writing down on a list the results. A man, putting eggs by two in small cages and writing down on a list the number that is written on it. Close-up of one egg: '5/93' is written on it. A man, taking drawers with freshly hatched chicks out of shelves (they are in the same boxes where the man put the eggs before). Farmer and two women, putting stripes at the chicks' claws. Close-up of this process. A man, taking some chicks out of cages, looking at them, putting them into the cages again. There are seven small cages in one drawer. He opens the next cage, takes out the eggs (the chicken didn't hatch yet, obviously). A meadow with chickens and some small shelters. A man takes a cock out of a small barn, weighs it by hanging it at scales by its legs, then marking it. Another man writes down the results in a list. Chickens on a meadow, some small shelters. A man, examining a chicken. Chickens on a meadow, some small shelters. The man walking past the shelters. Lots of chicks in the barn, in the straw under a lamp. A doctor, taking chickens one by one and giving them injections in the wings. Women in a laboratory, preparing hypodermic needles in grand style. A man, examining the needles. - A man, taking chickens out of cages, examining the stripes on their claws, removing the stripes and putting the chickens into a different cage. He takes a blood test of one of them, and puts the blood on a card. Close-up: Drops of blood are put into different squares on a small board and spread into a circle. A doctor (probably) examines the tests. A man selling slaughtered chickens (probably; difficult to see) in front of a barn to another man. A flock in front of a barn with a sign saying: 'U.S. Approved flock'. Two men, entering separated areas of a barn (?). A man, cleaning the lids of cages by brushing them. He cleans some boards by hovering them. He pours a glass of liquid in a metal box. A man, leaving a barn with two metal baskets full of eggs. The baskets. The man takes them and goes away.

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