Film: 7476

Aviation | 1960 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. Upavon or Netheravon airfield, Wiltshire 1960's

(June 1962). P1127 demonstration. Red helicopter in sky. Being directed to land by man in white overalls with red "table-tennis bats". Helicopter just landed. Rotors slow down. Men walk from helicopter. Air Force officers and civil servant in black suit and bowler hat walk across grass of airfield past amateur planes, light planes and small balloon Harrier Jump Jet (?) type plane hovers and turns on the spot. Landing obscured. Hawker P1127. People talk in front of plane. Man in white pullover shows cockpit to R.A.F. man. They climb ladder to cockpit. Pilot guide graphic-waves his arms about to demonstrate point. Early microlight - type plane flying-quite close to camera - pilot waves.
Officials on grass mingle and shake hands. Bi-plane takes off and flies around. One bi-plane follows another. Bi-planes land and bounce across grass. Spitfire (?) in air. Bombing plane(?). Aerial display with planes trailing smoke. Large plane taxis in background and green helicopter flies by whilst men look in cockpit of Hawker P1127. The Hunter P1127 starts off and taxis, with newsreel cameramen in background on roof of van. Plane takes off. Wheels, undercarriage retracted. Plane flies, and then slows to a halt in air and hovers. Flies backwards. Spins on the spot. Plane comes down to near ground. Man stands on ladder of cockpit. Plane takes off again and flies away from camera.
A sunny day in Wiltshire.

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