Film: 7477

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


A train or transport strike in France and Men and children getting into lorries. Two women get a lift with a young man. An empty train station 1940's

Commemoration of ? Mother holding a baby. Old man sitting at table eating soup. Children in bed clothes. Crowd outside of village church.
'Techniques Nouvelle.' map of France towns and cities as dots lit up. New factories? Coal car systems with carts. Mining advances. Coal diggers. Coal mining. Men working underground. Men coming out of the mine with coal dust all over themselves. Four work horse hitched to the ? Competition riding. Show jumping horse jumping. Boy sitting at desk writing or drawing. 'Exposition Internationale' in a gallery. Children's drawings.
A Jewish synagogue. A market place in North Africa. A funeral through a narrow crowded street.
Sleigh races with reindeer in Lapland Sleds pulled through the snow by reindeer. A large stadium filled by fans of football. People waving and shouting in the crowd.

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