Film: 7479

Natural History | 1940 | Silent | B/W


A 'set up' fight is staged between a Tiger and a Lion 1940's

Men in pith hats sits on an elephant. Elephant sits, men alight several elephants 'loading up'. Convoy enters Gir Forest in India. Native village, straw huts. Native 'beaters' brandishing scythes. Young native girls with babies. Girls exhibit jewellery. Men and boys squat on ground. Elephant convoy wades through river. Through undergrowth. Elephants push through trees. Two tigers are sighted. Shots of tigers. White 'hunter' shoots tiger. Men approach edge of pit, close up trapped tiger. Close up lion also in pit. Lion and tiger fight. Tiger tries to escape pit, falls, fight, again, wounded tiger is hauled from pit, lion drinks.

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