Film: 7487

Aviation | 1940 | Silent | Colour


Early air travel to the East 1940's

British Airways single decker bus pulls up outside building. Men in uniform outside building as men and women (some in uniform) disembark and enter building. These people helped on to long motor boat which takes them to a sea-plane, BOAC Flying Boat terminal at Hamworthy in Poole Harbour, Dorset. Waiting room, people with luggage take seats and sit in silence. Air hostess gives cards to waiting passengers. Passport control, man at desk stamping another man's passport. Customs officer checking luggage. Man at desk writing out telegram message and giving it to woman, in uniform, behind counter. This woman on telephone. Pilot at controls. Navigator at controls. Good interior of cabin with men and women in dining room of sea-plane being served by silver service waiter. Waiter cleaning glasses on plane. Pilots making ready in cockpit. Three women, with wind sock in background, watch plane take off. Long motor boat leaving sea plane, registration G-AGJN. Sunderland sea plane taxiing past G-AGJL

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