Film: 7490

Shipping | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Lifeboats in Germany 1930's

Cliffs, high waves. Storm. On the sea. Scenes shot on a ship in the storm. - Title. Two men open a gate. Others pull a rescue boat out. Six horses pull the boat through a muddy meadow, to the shore. Horses and boat in the dunes. At the sea. The horses stop, the carriage is turned. The men jump on the boat and push it into the water, using poles or oars. Then they row. The boat on the sea, being rowed. The sea in a storm. Waves. The boat now with a sail. Sailing in the tempest. A flare or maroon is used. A horse carriage in the dunes. Another one. Men with boxes and poles with rockets on top. They tie a rocket to a rope. One lights the fuse. The men hide. The rocket is launched, pulling the rope behind it. Men erect a tripod to hold the rope. A man on a mast, waving. They build a ropeway from the shore to the boat. A winch is pulled from the shore to the ship. The man on the mast (with a Nazi flag) gets on the winch and is pulled ashore ( Apparently the lifeboat brought the rocket with the rope to the ship in danger of sinking in order to build the ropeway…?). This, by the way, looks like a trick shot. The men on the shore pull the sailor out off the winch and for unknown reasons he faints ( hammy acting ), they lay him down.
Rescue by motorboat. Men on a motorboat are busy, raising a flag etc. Putting on life jackets or vests. The boat leaves the harbour. The boat at the sea. ( It is the 'Bremen' ). A sailor gets wet. The motorboat again. Many shots. It approaches the boat in danger. A rope is shot to the other side. A small boat is launched. The sailors on the ship in danger pull it to their boat. They jump into it. The boat is pulled back. The sailors are lifted on board. Again, in the moment of rescue, they faint (?!). We see one of them being carried into a bunk.

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