Film: 7491

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Swimming the Channel 1920's

Men and women in swimming costumes exercising on a sandy beach with sign on wooden house, in background: 'Training Quarters: Channel Swim'. Women in 1920's swimming costumes, lying on sand, doing synchronised breaststroke actions. Two men attempt to copy the women's graceful actions but they are fully clothed (one man is wearing a jumper with the words 'Eat at Andy's' on its back). One of the men accidentally kicks the other - a slap stick routine ensues. Then a man with a magnifying glass is closely looking at the sand. He then begins to dig a hole with his hands. Two men are now doing front crawl in the sand. This results in sand being thrown up into the air which blinds two women which incidentally are situated behind them. Woman walks off and stands on head of man with the magnifying glass. His head is pushed down hard into a hole in the sand. He emerges with a crab on his face. After fighting with it he is able to remove it and throws it away. The crab lands and attaches itself to a woman's backside. Two men and two women are pushing each other by the sea until the men fall into the sea. The men conduct a blowing competition. The first competitor blows and his hat rises above his head. The second man's glasses come off. Channel race is about to begin. Women manually coated in black grease. A man threatens a girl with grease gun. The judges are all on the judge's stand but it is demolished by incoming tide Girl is given water rings in order to assist her swimming but they are popped by a gun shot. Two men in rowing boats are fighting and eventually fall into the water. A woman is towed by a motor boat but she is then caught up on a fishing line and tows the boat and the man whom the fishing line belongs to. Eddie running on water as he is chased by a marlin / swordfish.

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