Film: 7495

Personalities | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Opening sequence:

Intertitle: " 'Charlie' on the ocean. Exclusive pictures of the voyage home of the great little man who has spread sunshine and laughter around the globe." Cut to shot of a young Charlie Chaplin on a ship holding a 'boater' hat.

Intertitle: "The only cine operator to accompany the best-loved man in the world from New York to Southampton in the White Star liner 'Olympic' .

Cut to Charlie Chaplin in movie ( unidentified ) with dog. Cut to real life footage of Charlie Chaplin.

Intertitle: "Au revoir to Mary and Douglas."

Cut to shot of Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks Senior. They wave to everybody - apparently under the instructions of Charlie.

Intertitle: "Goodbye to New York. Only a few years ago 'Charlie' landed here a poor and unknown lad."

Cut to Charlie waving to the crowd from the deck of the ship.

Intertitle: "Adoration."

Cut to Charlie talking to a young boy dressed as a sailor. He exchanges a few laughs with him. Charlie signs an autograph for an eager female fan.

Intertitle: "Charlie's Circus."

Cut to a pantomime horse and elephant performing tricks on what looks like the quayside or deck of the ship.

Intertitle: "A terrific welcome at Waterloo."

A vast crowd surges towards Charlie's car as it leaves Waterloo Station. Good shot of Charlie taken from a passing car.

Intertitle: "Scenes at the Ritz."

Charlie's car is surrounded by people. He smiles and waves at the crowd. Charlie manages to get into the hotel dressed in a mackintosh ..... ..... but not without difficulty. Cut to Charlie at the balcony window of his room.

Intertitle: "Charlie's wireless message to the British Public through 'Topical'."

Intertitle: "- S.S. Olympic - Editor - I wish that I could be capable of expressing my sincere appreciation for the manner in which I have been welcomed by my Kin in the Homeland. All that I can say is that I have been deeply touched and my gratitude will be everlasting. It is all too wonderful to think about, it is like a dream.
Faithfully, Charlie."

Cut to shot of Charlie smiling.

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