Film: 7496

Politics | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Berlin, divided between East and West. Refugees from Communism.1950's
Sights of Germany destroyed after World War Two.
Map of divisions.
West and East Berlin.
Churchill, Stalin, Truman.
East Germany CLOSED to the West. Supplies from the West were taken by air… to avoid starvation in the East.
Zones in West Berlin: American, French, English.
Brandenburg gate (marks the division between East and West).
East Germany: anti American. Rally (applauding Stalin). Military marches.
1953 revolt in East Berlin (revolted against their rulers). Russian tanks.
West Berlin: reconstruction. Prosperous look buildings. Shops were full of things. Restaurants. Cars (specially Volkswagens).

Summit 1960
Premier of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev's (1958-1962) giving an agitated speech. Commentary tells about Khrushchev racked any chance of unification.. This strengthened the Iron Curtain by approving the closure of the border around West Berlin, which led to East Germany's construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961.
British prime minister Harold Macmillan (1957-1963) "things could be settled peacefully with negotiations and not by force".

Willy Brandt, Mayor of West Berlin giving a speech… "West Berlin is important to West Germany, to Europe and to the world".
Kennedy and Khrushchev met in Vienna to discuss disarmament in 1961. A smiling Khrushchev.
West Berlin: Elections.
East Berlin: empty streets in . Spittelmarket. Derelicts.
Willy Brandt. Refugees from the East.

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