Film: 7498

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Film about waste at work, using examples of waste at home to illustrate points.1970's

Man tries to save energy at home and at work. Family breakfast. Man drives to work, gives a man and a woman a lift, the other man looks at page three of 'The Sun' newspaper. Wastage at work in office block, lights on, heating on.
Back of three-storey contemporary house. Pairs of windows on each floor. Light in each room is switched on starting at the top of the house and ending in the kitchen. Close up of an electricity meter with dial rotating. Close up of man putting on tie. Pop up toaster ejects one piece of toast. Man at table lambastes son for making one piece of toast at a time. Boy and his mother look at each other, knowingly. Man points out window is open with central heating going full blast. Wife hears her husband moaning and slips off to kitchen to turn grill off. Father continues to whinge at teenage son whilst taking his toast, kissing his wife, taking a bite from the slice of toast and leaving. All along the ‘do you think I’m made of money’ school of moaning.
P-Reg car driving along road. Car pulls into gap and picks up a couple at the kerbside who sit in the back of the car. They are sharing the journey to work, a car-share. Males passenger opens his copy of the Sun newspaper. The picture of the topless model on Page 3. Driver attempts to tune radio. Car is parked and headlights switched off. So we’ve established the man is frugal with his own goods and expenses, but at work it’s a different story.
Pan up tall modern, glass and steel office building, most of the rooms with lights on. In office man switches extra light on and opens window. People arriving in entrance foyer. Front doors are propped open as it is so hot. Man walks along well-lit corridor, and greets cleaning lady who is using a floor-polishing machine. In large office an area of filing cabinets and storage illuminated by fluorescent lighting, each light having a plastic cover on.
Montage of different office technologies – satellite dish, filing, computer punch cards, computers, a small van, a Post Office mini-digger digging a trench, presumably for cable laying. In a bank cashiers deal with customers. A warehouseman driving a small motorised trolley pulling a trailer containing large sack. Post office mail room with roof conveyors carrying sacks.
Man puts sack on conveyor belt. A post office parcel sorting room. Close ups of hands of female telephonists as they key in numbers on keypads. Pull back to wider shot of room of telephonists. Close up of hand using rubber on end of pencil to push keys on keypad. Track along telephonists. Floor conveyor belt running with nothing on it. A large factory or warehouse door, wide open with sign on it – ‘please close the door’.
Examples of waste - Yellow estate car pulls up at roadside and man gets out. Close up of exhaust pipe emitting smoke. Cab of lorry with engine running. Water leaking from pipe. Steam leaking from pipe. Naked gas flame wasting gas. Women go to office cafeteria. Dripping hot water. Woman pours a cup of tea for a woman. In office, track along line of desks, everyone of whose inhabitants look up from their work at the camera. Man asks what it has to do with him, this energy saving. In car-park of office, coat wearing man carrying briefcase approaches camera and descends steps. He enters boiler or eating room. He takes of coat and lays it over a rail. On a machine he points out a couple of displays to a pullover wearing man. Wall posters which encourage fuel saving and energy efficiency – ‘don’t be a light hog – switch off’, ‘be bright, switch off’, and ‘Turn off unwanted lights’, this last one with a ‘Save It’ logo added.
Man at desk and in shirt and tie is in denial straight to camera – anything he could do would be like a drop of rain in the desert. View of city from on high which fades from day to night so lights come on in buildings. Lot of people exiting building through revolving door. Two men and women get into car and it drives off. Montage of energy-saving ways – a tap is turned off; a stop button is pushed; a light switch is turned from ‘on’ to ‘off’, a red stop button is pushed; a tap is turned off; a pull light cord is switched off.
Pull back from teenage boy with very early seventies long hair. He is using a calculator. Point of view shot of hammer coming down onto camera position

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