Film: 7499

History | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Historical reconstruction of Stuart Britain, Seventeenth Century
Couple entertain male guest to dinner. He eats half an apple. Table has grapes on it and candles. Long wigs. Drink from pewter tankards. Talk about plague. Man walks by stream. Village people walking in field. Village of Denver mentioned. Gabled house after Dutch manner. Thatched cottage. Herringbone pattern bricks in wall. Harington family crest. Cambridge street of Stuart brick-built housing. Plaster and timber house with thatch. Church with square windows, tiled roof and roses around door. Gentleman doffs hat. Three parsons in field talking. House of Sir Jeremy Fox designed by Inigo Jones. Gentlemen on horseback. Women curtsey. Smart gentleman talks. Woman at table rests head on fists. In field, man taps another on back; they shake hands. Cromwellian troops with swords ride at people in field. Man hides behind tree. Roundhead soldiers march. Two gentlemen walk in countryside. Sunny.
Indoors - man drinks from tankard; he is drunk.

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