Film: 7505

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Stories from England, Wales, Sweden.
Neil Fox of Wakefield Trinity Rugby League Club passing ball with fellow players on training field. Lining up a kick - straight run and left-footed kick. Ball goes between posts. Howard Winston practises boxing with punch-ball attached to ceiling. Trained by Eddie Thomas - very dirty face and flat cap. Merthyr, Glamorgan, South Wales. Streets and crowds at reception for Winston. People wave from balcony.
Cadley Hill near Burton-on-Trent. Men digging with shovels on surface. Board saying 'Vacancies'. Entrance to drift mine - men walking out, coal coming out on conveyor belt. large winding wheel. Winding engine. Wheels. Coal workshops - old and new. Mining metal. Shed for coal locomotives. Coal wagons. Man filling portable cement mixer with shovels of sand.
Aerial views of Stockholm, Sweden. General views, streets. Pedestrianised areas. Squares. park benches. New town nearly at Vallingby. Cars parked at meters. Road traffic. Water. Cafes. Woman drinks from cup. Kansen - outdoor museum - children in traditional costume dance. Lots of British and Swedish flags on flag poles. Tram. Flags saying "N.C.B" Stall with film show on TV monitor - model trains. Chairman Lord Robens. Lady Robens looks at a stove. Trade Fair. King Gustav and Queen Louise, also Princess Sybil, and granddaughters Margareta and Desiree. Robens talks to King Gustav. Slow moving queues. Typically English Pub. Policeman looks at watch. Prince Monolulu (black West Indian horse race tipster) "Buy British" in shops at night-time.

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