Film: 7506

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Nottinghamshire, "Coal Cures". Close ups of tablets or pills. Made in large Nottingham factory heated by solid fuel. Coal is an important raw material for aspirin and saccharin. Big pile of aspirin. Woman wears mask and puts scoop of powder into machine. Tablets are individually punched out. Man emptying large tray of tablets into large metal drum. This spins and coats the tablets in sweet tasting casing. Woman studying tablets on production line. Tablets filling up medicine bottles. Woman's hand changes changes empty bottles for full bottles. Machine pushing tufts of cotton wool into bottles. Machine putting lids on. Machines which make lipstick. Woman sticks lipsticks in trays. Trays are stacked. Machines make medicated sweets. Gel is mixed. Long thin line of sweet concoction fed to shaping machine. Cut sweets are cooled and wrapped. Woman wearing white hat supervises packing and sealing of bags of sweets. Conveyor belt of packets of sweets. Large laboratory with men in white coats. Nurses in surgery. One takes swab to eye of very dirty coal miner who sits in chair. He feels his eye. Miner takes aspirin (which is partly made of coal), and swallows a sip of water from a glass.
31st January 1961: Sir James Bowman retires as head of the National Coal board after five years in the job. Hobart House. Mechanised coal cutting machines in operation. Bulldozers shovelling coal. Sir James Bowman at his Northumberland home. He sits in an armchair by an open burning coal fire and talks. Ashington Colliery with men entering gates. Archive film of unemployed miners of the 1930's at Ashington. Lines of unused coal wagons. Bowman believes Nationalisation has been a success. He concludes by visiting british mineworkers; "health, happiness and prosperity" as he turns to camera.
February 1st 1961, Alfred Rowlands is the New Chairman. He talks to camera about being "supremely confident about future of the coal industry". Film of coal wagons moving slowly. Miners after a shift. Steelworks with large crane arm dropping coal. Furnaces inside steelworks. Factory with coal fired working. Van outside suburban house. Coal delivery man carries large bag of coal through gates. Woman smiles as she shows man through front door. Woman and her daughter sit on hearth rug in front of smokeless fuel burning stove. Electrical generating station - the large generation plant and control room. Rowlands demonstrates that by turning on a table lamp we are "burning coal by wire". New coal pits built purely for power stations. Coal is 100% British.

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