Film: 7507

Social History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Piping Heat in Somerset. large lorry load of coal emptied from tipper lorry. Caretaker starts to shovel coal into coal store. New method is to pipe coal into customer's store by high pressure jet. Coupling up pipe. The lorry has a sign on side " N.C.B Coal Tanker". The pipe in operation pumping out small lumps of coal. Bulk flow lorry on the road. A lorry delivering to stately home of Clevedon Court in Somerset. The house. Nice old fireplace (ruined by small grate). Slippers on hearth. Coal pumped into coal shed. Woman accepts bill from tanker driver and walks through the door of 13th century house. People visiting house. The art gallery. Chandelier. Different rooms in house near Nailsea Moor. A display of Nailsea glass. National Trust house.

Glamorgan - South Wales. "Way of Gentleness" Story of a man who plays judo. He looks at his new black belt. His young daughter sits on his knee as he reads magazine "Judo". His wife hands a kitchen drier up. They live near Porth. Man does judo training in the kitchen. He wears his judo clothes and tightens the belt. He teaches people at Porth YMCA. Line up of students bowing. He demonstrates judo throw. He receives scroll to go with his black belt. Contest between Porth and Port Talbot. Two competitors struggle. Our man wins. Demonstration whereby Gerald throws six men in quick time.

Newcastle: "In spite of the weather". The Town Moor, Newcastle, ten days before the opening of the Royal Show. High winds blowing marquees about. Wrecked stands. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother gets out of car. Dry stone walling competition. Pig show. Livestock show - sheep lined up. Cow. Hoses and pit ponies. Blacksmith demonstration and forging a horseshoe. Fitting shoe. New machinery. NCB stand promoting solid fuel heating in greenhouses. Percy Thrower in attendance. He gave advice. Poor weather - women carry umbrella

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