Film: 7508

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Yorkshire, County Durham and The Netherlands.
Yorkshire a "Holiday on Wheels". Funfair filmed from big wheel at Filey, Yorkshire. 28 paraplegic miners and their families on holiday. Woman enters holiday chalet door. Empty wheelchair outside. Mrs. Smith takes her handicapped husband tea in bed. She kisses him. He drinks tea in bed in his pyjamas. Four men play table bowls on a snooker table. The roads of the camp with people passing along. Young couple pass smiling, he with his arm around her shoulders. One of the parked cars has a sign on the back "Caution. No hand signals. Air brakes." Miners sitting in wheelchairs look at newspaper and watch children in the playground on a slide. The Butlins Gaiety Theatre and French Bar. The Viennese Ballroom. Women dance the twist. Men smile appreciatively. Woman kisses seated man. The swimming pool. Woman takes photograph of four miners in wheelchairs. Aerial view of Filey Butlins Camp. Roundabout.
County Durham piece about an amateur archaeologist called Eric Parsons who picks up a fragment of clay pipe from the ground. Bowman Colliery. Eric touches his flat cap as he passes a miner passing in the opposite direction in greeting. Eric inspects ruin of fifteenth century building. He walks through low doorway and examines door. "The Durham College of Archaeology". Eric displays a large fourteenth century pitcher he has uncovered. It is now in the museum. Eric talks to professional archaeologists. Man draws addition to blackboard sketch of early window. University professors. Durham Cathedral. Man sculls on river. Eric walks hand in hand with his daughter along bank of industrial river.
Yorkshire: Halstead Church? This is where the wood from which Robin Hood's bows were made. Clifton in the Borough of Brighouse - a road sign. The Brighouse carpet factory. The town. The boilers in the factory. Man checks boilers which run off creosote pitch. Man designing new Axminster carpet. He paints a pattern. Woman uses paintbrush to match dyes. Carpet making. Wool wound from bobbins onto spools. Women sorting wool for carpet. The loom. Boiler man wipes hands on oily rag. Close up of woman's feet in high heels on axminster carpet.
The Limburg Walk in the Netherlands. Limburg, a coal mining province in south Holland. A walking tour for girls and boys in the Netherlands. Children employed in different national coal industries march under banners 20 miles a day for three days. British march behind Union Flag banner. Passing a windmill. Youngsters relaxing with bottles of beer outside at tables and sitting on ground. Marching through Limburg. Night time and cafes. Group sit drinking beer. Fountain at night. Big wheel.

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