Film: 7509

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Berkshire, County Durham, London, Derbyshire.
Berkshire & County Durham: "The Way Ahead". British tank - camera quickly zooms in to gun barrel. Tank moves towards camera. Soldiers on tank. One gets inside. Soldiers in classroom. Officer draws lines on blackboard. Close up of pointer moving over scale model of a battlefield. Young soldiers take notes. Soldier mechanics at work. Reading. The Army's Southern Command has designated the coal industry as a study subject. National Coal Board (NCB) sets up exhibition involving a model train. Soldiers watch. Seaham(?)on the Durham coast. Interview where interviewer offers young man a booklet entitled "Mining Apprentice". Close up of hands turning over front cover. Trainee apprentice prepares to sign form. Seaham training centre. Instructor shows boys model of coal mine. Practising workshop practice. Training in gym. Boy lifts weights as he lies down. Boys shin up ropes. Boys in overall and had hats work with instructor. Apprentices have their lamps checked. Boys with helmet lights on.
London "In the Bag". The second coal handling exhibition in London. Different machines used in sorting and delivering coal. Packing coal in proper sacks. British Rail in attendance. Dr Beeching's last public engagement. Lord Robens. New crane.
London "Net Result" Lincoln's Inn Fields. Old woman sits eating on park bench. The "Inter-coalfield netball tournament". Referee blows whistle and women play netball. Close up of ball going into the net. Two old women sit on bench talking. Man is bent over double reading a book. The final was Dolsdale of South Wales who beat the Headquarters team. Sexist camerawork concentrates on girls' skirts. Another basket (goal). Man presents Gill Thomas with the cup and a kiss. Lucky Gill!
Derbyshire "Gallery" Coach outing for party of miners. The Peak Moors above Buxton. "The Safety in Mines Resaerch Establishment". Explosion. Gallery where tests are made for prevention of dust build ups and explosions. Miner spreads dust on the ground to help prevent explosion. Untreated dust is mixed in a jar as an experiment. Experiment whereby dust is spread in 1200 yard explosion gallery. Warning flags are flown. Sirens sound. Man looks through binoculars. Man pushes button. Camera misses explosion. Smoke. Men walk off.

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