Film: 7510

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


(Scotland, Leicestershire, National story)
National story "Out of the Ashes". The Coliseum in Rome, ground based shot. Waste pipes from large factory flowing into river. Power station. Conveyors with coal on them. The ash which results from burning is retained in storage hoppers. Ash mixed with water and lime in mixing bowl. Compressed, this is rock hard. Case of the compressed product. Slurry beds. This material is called PFA. A dam in the Welsh mountains made from PFA in Wales. Land Rover driving over rough terrain. PFA is used in motorways foundations. An elevated motorway filmed from below. A lorry on a motorway. Use of the material in building - for example of a Fine Fare supermarket. A British Steel tower block. Various high rise blocks of flats. Power station in the background.
Scotland "The Roaring Game". Snowy scene in countryside. A still stream through snowy banks. Two children throw large snowballs at each other. A coal fire, with part of a woman smoking and sitting in armchair in shot. Colliery of Killoch. Two off-duty miners play curling at Ayr ice-rink. Sweepers sweep in front of stones. Sending stone down rink. Big poster syas "Snowball throwing is forbidden"
Leicestershire "People who Matter (2) The rescue superintendent" Training exercise with mine on fire. Miner crawling through smoke as he wears breathing apparatus. Ashby-de-la-Zouch rescue station. Rescue team checks watches. They hoot their horns. The plant room. Cleaning mines rescue vehicles. Washing the windscreen. Man shows off water jet from hose. Men wearing white shirts and long black trousers play a doubles tennis match. Man serves. Man talks about rescue equipment. Man tightens windscreen wipers on mines rescue vehicle.

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