Film: 7511

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


London, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire

London: Ideal Home. No.73 bus passing the London Olympia Ideal Home Exhibition. Man helps woman out of small boat which floats in a pond. Flashback to February when preparations-Lots of fibreglass - were made for the show. Building stands. Bricklaying in close-up. Man climbs down ladder on building site. making a kidney-shaped pond. The Country Craft Show House. Solid fuel central heating. New and exciting - central heating. ! Skirting kitchen radiators. Panel radiators. Bathroom. Woman sits on a swivel chair at sink and tends to her hair in a mirror. Central fireplace. Woman relaxes in swivel chair. The National Coal Board's stand. Coal exhibits. Selection of fires. Nottinghamshire 50 years on. Sutton Colliery, Nottingham. Fred Draycott retires after 50 years as a training officer. Smiling miners' faces. Miners' lift. Historical reconstruction of Fred as a boy in 1916 going to the coal mine. Men sorting coal in the screen. Miner crawls through tunnel. Man uses pick-axe. Real archive film of Great Depression and empty coal trucks. 1921. Fred was one of the miners who was out for 26 weeks . Miners standing under posters reading. "Starving miners fed and clothed." "Starving men fed daily" and "Miners relief fund". Miners march. In 1926 miners strike and march under banners "Miners march to London". Fred lost another 26 weeks work this year. Miners' children queuing for food.
Modern day: Modern machinery and cutting equipment . Automated trains. Powered support being fitted by miner. Fred interviews two trainees - they will be indentured. Blacksmithing from a forge. Using precision drill.
Very good Archive film of coal miner in a tin bath in front of the range being washed by his wife. Tinbath in front of the fire. Modern day miners bath house and showers. Nurse in dispensary reading a magazine. Miners pass through turnstile. Fred's wife cutting a slice of bread as he looks on. She wraps his sandwiches in a paper bag. They kiss. Coal (pit) head.
"Shropshire Hunting Country". Tom Wilson is a deputy at H/Madley??? Wood Colliery in Shropshire. we see Tom in miner's clothes and in hunting clothes- tweed hat in country. Tom is smoking a pipe. he lets a mixed selection of dogs - terriers and beagles - out of a garden shed. Mixed group of men and women sit with tea cups and saucers around coffee table in living room. Tom blows his huntsman's horn in the hall. Tom. his family and colleagues from the pit hunt on foot. Tom sends his hounds into undergrowth. A fox runs across a field. Dogs running in undergrowth. Men clamber through wire fence. Tom with dogs walking across field with colliery in background. Blows horn. 'Notional story - Right Dress.' Wet zebra crossing. Two women start to cross. They wear medium length white boots. Large selection of women's feet wearing very fashionable boots. In a coal mine, miners walk along. Amongst them is a man dressed as a City Gent in bowler hat and carrying an umbrella. Wearing the correct clothes. Close up of miner moving his trapped foot. Safety clothing being manufactured . testing a steel capped boot by driving a double decker bus over it. Mine safety. Rolling empty coal truck. Scared look on miner's face as truck rattles towards him. Miner's bare hand adjusting a chain. Miner's gloved hands moving a rope. Safety boots, gloves. Issue of safety clothing. Making boots. Stitching boots. Testing toe-caps and helmets by dropping weights on them. Making thick gloves. Close up of miner's hands tightening a buckle. Good montage 1960's girls legs in tights and wearing boots.

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