Film: 7512

Social History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


London, Denbighshire, County Durham
London. Engineers Day. The Science Museum which hosted the Engineers Exhibition. Model of the Post Office Tower. schoolchildren in school uniform. Two girls look at an exhibit. Display of the Automated Coalmine of Tomorrow. Scientist wearing white coat puts telephone down. He uses telephone. He sits in high-tech control room. Automated systems and ?? Dirty faced man puts down telephone in control room. Scientist writes on paper.

"Denbighshire. Local Talent" HAFOD Colliery near Wrexham, North Wales. Tom Hutchison is the manager's clerk. He walks in open air. Village of Rhosllanerchrugog. men getting on back of double decker bus. Man runs for bus and gets on through side opening double doors. Ebenezer Chapel, on Sunday the miner's welfare and pubs are shut or "dry". Men stand outside closed pubs. Two members of miners social committee chat outdoors, one leaning on a five-bar gate. The miners bought the site of a cinema in Rhos and built the Hafod Colliery Social Centre. Barman's hand pouring a short drink. Man takes drinks to table. Two darts hit dartboard. "Local Talent" night. Lines of miners sitting at long tables applaud. Girls run on stage and dance can-can. Cameraman concentrates on girls' knickers. Audience variously smile or look glum. Applause at the end of the dance.

"London. Join Up" Rubber conveyor belt on fire. Fully laden PVC conveyor belt. Coal Board Mining research establishment tests conveyor belt materials. Belt breaks. various belts breaking as pressure is applied. Opening a box file.
"County Durham. Geologist" Coal Board geologist on North East coast. he picks up coal from the beach. men shovel coal off beach into lorries. N.C.B. boring tower in North Sea. Woman and child visit the boring tower. They are winched onto platform in wicker baskets. Looking at rock cores in laboratory. Men plotting on a map. Miner's geologist in a mine takes a geologist's hammer to a stone and breaks it open. Fossil shells. Trawlermen in port - one hands other a plaice. He walks off with it.

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