Film: 7513

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Yorkshire, the Riddings Drift mine. Transit van arrives. Man enters colliery offices which look like a semi-detached house. moving heavy equipment around on the surface by cranes and lorries. A Hydra Speedcrane. The start of the drift. Train. Stockpiles of coal shifted around. Man standing by brazier. riddings miners visit Cheltenham factory to see suppliers. Men training on the surface. Pulling a thick metal chain. Man talks about fantastic achievements of Riddings. Automatic cutting equipment. Conveyor belts loaded with coal. Miner wearing hat sits in office talking. Riddings produces ten tones per man shift. Train and conveyor leave pit. Coal pouring off conveyor belt. Point of view from train entering tunnel. Riddings techniques are a hybrid of efficient British and American techniques. Use of television cameras underground. surface control room with man watching TV monitors. Riddings now a 15 tons per man shift mine (National average is two and a half tons). Riddings has touched 17 and a half tons. August 1970, the official opening. Jaguar car approaches mine entrance. Lord Robens. Robens wearing a helmet goes underground. He talks to men. Large lunch for miners and their families in marquee. Brass band concert. Robens makes speech and awards copper safety lamps to miners. Man and woman examine lamp. They kiss. Miner drinks from yellow mug. Point of view from train as it leaves the drift.

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