Film: 7514

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Great montage, bit of everything in it.

Space-walking astronaut. Still of earth. English countryside. Mown grass, hayfield. Scottish loch. Large waves in windy conditions. Interesting perspective on sails of windmill. Miner crawling in pit. Conveyor belt. Coal-cutting machine. Close up of man’s hands holding homing pigeon. Pan up to man’s face. He looks intently at pigeon. Pigeons flying. Boy points to sky. Water drainage pipe. Concerns expressed about exhaustible resources. Rubbish floating in water. Filthy canal - oil drums. Rubbish washing onto beach. Sand dunes. Water-filled quarry or gravel pit.

Two men reading the Daily Mirror with headline "Our Green and Poisoned Land" Archive b/w film of smoky railway engine. Smoke in front of factory or smelting works. Colour montage of cars, fumes, faces, pollution, car making, smoking chimneys, fast traffic, distraught faces, filthy airliner (Lufthansa) flying over house in U.K. Filmed from inside car as man drives in a hurry, he hits radio button and changes gear. Road sign with graffiti on it, changing gear. Going through a stop sign and nearly hitting a pedestrian. He uses his car horn. More harmonious section - man cycling on a country lane. Flowers on verge. Beef cattle in fields. Horses grazing. Cobbled alley between back-to-back housing. Northern terraced housing. A street . Two old women pushing large cart. Long telephoto shot of back to back housing with washing on several washing lines. Children play on waste ground.

Latin American shanty town with children playing hopscotch.
In UK a bus passes a demolition site. Modern shopping centre. Man monitoring sound of aircraft overhead. White coated scientist studies traffic from behind tinted glass screen. Protest meeting protesting against " Jet Night Flights ". Close up of a man's mouth eating jam doughnut, he bites into it and some jam oozes out. Zooming into woman or secretary smoking and folding cigarette with one hand as she types with other. Man in pub smokes cigar and reaches for pint mug of mild beer. Sensible lunch tray of salad, Vitawheat cracker and yoghurt. Money changes hands. Old man smoking plain cigarette (non-filter). Park benches of about ten men drinking from bottles - tramps or alcoholics. Close up of bearded man’s mouth eating triple decker sandwich.
Poster: "How to catch gonorrhoea" and another "V.D. is one of the facts of life"
Close-ups of children in swimming pool. Man fishing off pier. Fishing boats pulled up onto beach. Man slowly abseils down cliff face by lake. People camping. Canoeing and going over a weir. Fun rugby match - man runs with ball and scores a try. Exercising - touching toes with alternate swings of arms. Archery and close up of hitting the gold. Trampolining. Boy’s jump for rugby ball, boy somersaults over horse in gym. Boy watches experiment in glass flask bubble. Boy and girl play recorders. Children dance joyfully. Adults dance. Woman bowls at tenpin bowling alley. Seven pins knocked down. Evening football game in stadium. Whole line of burning gas jets in desert (?)
Woman throws bucket of water at patio doors. Tipper trucks tip rubbish onto rubbish tip. Badly polluted sea. Magnetised rubbish extraction of tin cans. Light aircraft spraying crops flies over camera. Very close shot of eye opening. Very smoky factory in valley. Drunks drinking on park benches and sharing bottles. People running out of work.

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