Film: 7515

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Helicopter views of Durham and the coal fields there.

Man in charge of British coal production is John Mills. He and helicopter pilot stride across grass to camera. They get in small helicopter. They talk to each other. Pilot sits in right hand seat. He adjusts bearings on dials and sets altimeter to zero, Helicopter lifts off. Good aerials of Durham and Durham Cathedral. Lampton coke ovens from the air. Passing the Tyne Bridge with barges passing underneath. St. James's Park football stadium. Village of Ashington. Ashington Colliery. Ground level. Two young long-haired boys leave front door with a football. They kick footblaa against a brick wall. Shots of surface work at pits in North East England. Aerial shots of open-cast coal mining. Land returned to agriculture and a golf coure. From ground, men play golf. Man drives. Close up of hole as the ball rolls in. Ground shots of NCB (National Coal Board) nursery plantation for site restoration after open-cast mining has finished. Aerials of large smelter. Close up shots of miners collecting lamps and batteries. Underground, miner tends to conveyor belt full of coal. Surface shot - panning back from spinning pit head wheels. Undersea mines. Station box of Lynemouth Sidings. Aerial shot of Bates Colliery. Aerials of Westoe(?) Colliery. Undergound, automatic cutting machines. Large scoops pull coal onto conveyor belts. Man fixing automatic pit props. helicopter flies over drilling ship at sea. On ground, the helicopter pilot is fitted with a miner's hat and lamp. Dorton(?) Colliery. The laser guidance system for the tunnelling machine. Long roadway. The first circular cutting head in a British coalmine. On ground level, Beamish Museum with people looking at industrial heritage. Man shovels coal into locomotive boiler. Poster advertises the Stockton and darlington 150th Anniversary at Shildon. Close up of "Locomotive"'s parts as it works. Wheels turning. Ground shots of it passing by. Aerials of Jordan Colliery. Inside of helicopter. Several coal mines from the air.

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