Film: 7516

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Blackpool Tower in November. Empty bench and piers. Tram with destination band of Fleetwood passes by. A.A. road sign for "Mining Festival". In large theatre, Sir Derek Ezra, the Coal Board's chairman, talks. Mining exhibition. Stand of the Coal Research Establishment. People wearing hard hats enter the exhibits. Men put helmets on children. The Solid Fuel Advisory Service. People wearing serious bell-bottom flares. Art gallery with people looking at pictures. Brass bands. Safety exhibition. Team quiz competition with theme of safety. Audience applaud. Woman wears sash. She is the "Coal Queen of Britain, 1976". Ezra talks of the coal-powered car. A.A. van drives through streets with huge piece of coal on the roof - it's the coal-powered van. Various stage acts of the festival. non-sync. singing and dancing. Ken Dodd on stage. Beauty contest. Close ups of women's top halves and faces. Five-a-side football game. Fashion show - displaying this year's Co-op fashions. Choir from Wales of Welsh miners' choir on stage - all wearing mining overalls and hard hats (helmets). Women's choir. Stuart Hall introduces the Coal Queen of Britain 1977. Man is presented with car. Ezra speaks. Blackpool funfair. Poster advertising pleasure beach. Fireworks.

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