Film: 7517

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Open cast coal mine in Yorkshire.
Large machinery. Blowing up a section of quarry face. Bulldozer levelling old pit heap for reclamation. Old drift and old mine workings. Test drilling to see if there is coal below ground. Upper Cwmtwrch Post Office, People using measuring tape. Measuring depth of topsoil. heavy plant on road. Stripping topsoil. Quarrying the overburden. Tipping this waste. Spraying water from truck to keep dust down. Blasting. Monitoring noise and vibration levels. Very large machines. The largest earthmover built in Britain is "Little John". Christening the bucket. A primary school class sits in bucket of digger, boy smashes champagne on digger. Children applaud. Naming the digger and revealing plaque on the side. Old mining village. Little boy and woman turn hose on street water supply and fill blue bucket with water. Modern mining village community centre. Boys riding "chopper bikes". Diverting river temporarily. Newly dredged and widened river bank. Lifting buckets of coal by digger and loading them onto lorry. Digger driver's view of digger arm. Truck load of coal compressed by digger's arm. Truck washed. Sheeting load down. Lorry loads weighed on large platform (weighbridge?) Coal preparation plant - coal emptied from lorries. Recontoured reclaimed land. Replacing topsoil. Close up of tractors rolling and riddling land. Newly-laid hedge. Making a fence with aid of machine which pushes post into the ground. Lake created on old open-cast site. Mine working in the background. Pretty countryside.

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