Film: 7518

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


New York in the 1920's
Manhattan including skyscrapers, the harbour with the ocean liner Aquitania in the harbour. People streaming from the Staten Island ferry? boat. Commuters going up the ramp from the ferry, mostly men in hats and suits, one woman carries a child. A graveyard in the middle of the city, there are business men sitting on the benches in the cemetery. A view of one of the many skyscrapers filmed from high up on an adjacent building, tilt. Busy street. Construction workers building. A huge front end loader, digger machine moves large boulders, one worker hammers rock with a sledge hammer. Construction workers high above on a steel girder. A slow pan up the length of the Equitable Building on Broadway. Eight static shots filmed from tall buildings of smoking and steaming building rooftops, smoke coming from the chimneys . Harbour and ships. Excellent shot of the harbour with ships moving filmed from high level. Smoke pours out the top of a distinctive pyramid shaped building. The train yard, possibly at Grand Central Station or near the harbour. A steaming locomotive sits on the track. Pilot boats and tug boats manoeuvre a large steam ship in the harbour. Steam pour out of the funnels of the boat. People walking over the Brooklyn Bridge? It is a suspension bridge. A barge flanked on either side by tug boats. Between cement pillars of a balcony looking down on a street far below with cars, lorries and pedestrians. Looking down on the elevated subway. Busy street beside the graveyard. Sunset over the harbour.

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