Film: 7525

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Introducing 25 years of British and Empire Sport. Large crowds at motor race, Grand Prix, Tours, France,1923. Britain's Sunbeam Team at this event included Henry Segrave. Segrave receiving winner's prize.
1929, Sir Henry Segrave beats Gar Wood in the International Trophy, shots of racing power boats.
1930, Lake Windermere: the wreck of Miss England II, the boat Segrave died in. 1931, Daytona Beach, North America: large crowd watches The Blue Bird land speed record attempt from a distance.
1935, Bonville Salt Flats: The Blue Bird again.
1939, Lake Conniston: shots of Sir Malcolm Campbell's attempt to break a speed record. The Royalton Mobil Oil Vehicle: shots of the vehicle being towed, its cover put on and, finally, actually breaking record.
Racing cars driving at speed up a steep muddy road. Commentator tells us that one of the cars that we see is driven by Raymond May. Crowds applauding. Shot of Raymond May in his car after race.
The TT motor cycle races on the Isle of Man. Crowds line roadside, motor bikes racing. Guthrie receiving winners award at TT races.
Fred Perry playing tennis against G. Von Cramm at Wimbledon, London and against Wilbur Ellison. On winning Fred jumps over net, throws racket as crowd stand. (Fred section missing from this reel,see 18559)
Golf: Henry Cotton, pitching and putting and receiving winners award. (missing section , see film 1128)
Cricket: Dennis Compton in 1947 with Bill Ethridge (against South Africa). Don Bradman at the Oval, London in 1938.
Running: the long distnce runner Sidney Woodaston winning and receiving medal. Horse Racing: Steve Donnahue. Lots of long shots of horses racing. Gordon Richards gives Steve Donnahue cup at formal dinner.
Sailing: large yachts with sails up at sea. Men and women on board. Old seamen with large moustaches and uniforms and officer's uniforms.

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