Film: 7527

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Windsor Castle, Berkshire, near London - large black car pulls away. At main gate people are entering and at either side of the gate stand sentries. Inside walls of castle there are soldiers dressed in Khaki with rifles on their shoulders. They are marching. St George's Chapel: There are various shots of Middle Ages architecture, timbered buildings. State Apartments seen externally. Round Tower. The annual event, the Scouts' Parade on a bright sunny day. Lines of scouts with shorts and old-fashioned wide brimmed hats lined up on lawns of the castle in rows and subsequently inspected by Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh. The Princess shakes hands with men in charge who are dressed like scouts. The Duke talks to a sea scout. The Princess smiles as she walks past scouts. Onlookers. Scouts march past and salute Princess and duke. Outside Windsor Castle, a policeman directs traffic. The River Thames in the foreground with lots of swans on it and the castle in the background across the river.

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