Film: 7528

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Family live in a village six miles from the town of Middelburg which is in Zeeland, south western Netherlands. Windmills, ships, boats with fishermen open this informative film about the Dutch. On a farm we see chicken's being fed and milk being poured into churns ready for market. Mother makes the beds which are secreted away in 'cupboard' like recess with doors. Breakfast but not before a silent grace or thanksgiving. Bread and butter, cheese and meat and tea. We now visit a huge grain mill with sacks being hoisted up to the grinding machinery, which has wooden gearwheels. Children arrive at school for a 'Geography class'. Games in the playground. Cycling home. Saturday sees a trip to town with eggs for market via horse and cart. Canal bridge with scenes of lorries and cars of the period. Old City Hall. Market stalls, the eggs are sold and cigars are purchased. Homeward bound. Family domestic scenes. Film includes a few nice shots of windmills. Traditional Dutch dress etc. Possibly 40 years ago.

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