Film: 7530

Natural History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Boy with fork moving hay. Elephant's trunk, picking up hay and then eating it. Elephant = Mumbo in an animal training farm in America. Farm owned by Mr Bradford - the boy's (Bob) father LS of elephant with Bob and Father in front of barn. Close up of elephants ears, eyes, skin, trunk. Trunk in Bob's pocket. Close up of feet, tail. Elephant sitting on large stool - trainer with whip, long boots, hat. Elephant, with trainer, pushes lorry out of ditch. Elephant at pond-side - giving itself shower with trunk then bathing in pond. Elephant scratches back on tree, gives itself dust bath, scratches leg with back foot. Girl crying in pen outside. Elephant dancing, lying down, sits up - all to the directions of the boy (Bob). Bob on elephants back. Two baby elephants. Bob feeds baby elephants with sugar. Baby elephants in training ring - sitting, standing with legs up, walking on plank, ringing bell. Reasonable animal film.

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