Film: 7531

Science | 1960 | Sound | Colour


1950s American open-top car with family in it - Geoffrey, Ami and their parents. Car has puncture. Car at garage - tyre being pumped up and wheel put back on, raised vehicle. Car on the move again. Geoff presses red balloon. Windmill's sails being turned. Airborne helicopter. Family arrive at picnic spot - near large lake. Model and full size sail boats in lake. Kite flying. Geoff and Ami with beach ball. Bottle in water - floating upside down - Geoff plays with it. Father with rubber ring horse's head. Father fans barbecue fire as Geoff looks on. Rubber ring expands on its own on car bonnet - Geoff looks confused. To explain father places balloon over car then over fire. Balloon swells proving that air expands when heated. Geoff cools tin in lake and balloon deflates. Smoking barbecue (reveals that warm air rises). Squeezing tomato ketchup into bun. Boy plays accordion. Plastic frog jumping when rubber ball is squeezed. Two boys in shorts walking along lakeside. Airplane in sky. Close up of boy's ear. Boy swimming. Boy and girl holding jar of water with fish in it - close up of fish. Putting fire out with sand. Geoff back in car. Resume of what air does. Family travelling home in large car through forest.

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