Film: 7532

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Silent | Colour


bullfights. Plaza de Toros, Madrid Spain. Exterior of the Plaza de Toros in Madrid. The main gate, people in a large line up for their tickets. The receiving of the key of the bull pen signals the start, two men on horses, with rounded hats trot in opposite directions around the ring. A parade with all the bull fighters in their costumes led by a man on a horse, which walks very primly, like dressage, the end of the parade is made up of sveral more mounted men, their horses have protective coverings on their chests and legs. Everyone heads to the opposite side of the ring to salute the guest of honour. While the leader of the parade hops his horse around the ring, sideways.
'The first bull is to be fought by horseback, a rare event nowadays.' Its is called "Rejoneo" in Spanish. The bull chases the horse. It comes quite close. The bull and the bullfighter chase each other around the ring. The toreador starts to stick swords into the bull.
Now two bullfighters taunt another bull with pink and yellow capes. The crowded stadium seats are packed. A bull with blood pouring down his back runs at two men who deftly step out of his way.

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