Film: 7533

Feature Drama | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Firing squad attempt to simultaneously shoot and hang a man from a bridge, he escapes and floats away down a river and runs off.

Soldiers carrying guns march the man to the bridge. They march along the road towards the camera. They halt and the captain looks over the bridge. A soldier bangs bricks out of the bridge with the butt of his gun as the prisoner watches with fear. A noose is put around the man's neck. He is made to walk along the top of the bridge. The rope is tied to the bridge. A soldier beats a drum. Close up of the man's head and shoulders. Double exposure technique as the man thinks of his wife and child, his son is playing a toy drum. The man jumps from the bridge, the rope around his neck. His son crying. The rope snaps and the man falls into the river. One of the soldiers aims his gun at him. He bobs in the water then disappears under it. His head appears then goes under again as the soldiers watch. His head emerges from reeds in the river. The soldiers watch and aim again as they see an upright reed moving through the water. The man emerges from the river's edge through tall reeds. His finds a rock and rubs his tied hands against it to free them. He lays exhausted on the ground then slowly gets up and removes the remains of the rope from his wrists. He picks some flowers and looks happy. He starts walking along a path. He jumps over a bush. He picks up a stick and marches with it. He pretends it is a gun and aims it. He starts walking again then looks behind him as he thinks he hears something, then breaks into a run. He runs through countryside, falls down and gets up again and continues running. He runs along the road towards the camera. Double exposure of his wife and child on the road ahead. His wife holds the child, They appear to walk away as he runs. He feels the noose on his neck again. Shots of the man hanging and shots of his child. The soldiers walk away from the bridge. A piece of paper with the word "Spy" on it is nailed to the bridge. The final shot is of the man hanging from the bridge.


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