Film: 7534

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | B/W


The Berlin Wall in the 1960's during the Cold War with the Soviet Union

Clapper board. Misty image of Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany, and solitary car drives towards it. Army vehicle in front of Brandenburg Gate. Soldiers (British) get out of vehicle. They have machine guns. Two soldiers climb steps to look-out post. Shot is taken from behind soldier looking towards Brandenburg Gate. Camera swings revealing the wall and then focuses on Russian or East German look-out post. East German soldiers with machine guns look towards camera with telescope which is then rested on the other soldier's shoulder. Army vehicle pulls up at road clock - soldiers (British) step out with machine guns. Signpost - 'Achtung sie Verlassen jetzt West-Berlin'. People in heavy coats walking along fenced path in park that follows the wall. Women on raised viewing platform. Low angle shot of soldiers (British) on look-out post. Two women with binoculars. East German soldiers at look-out post looking towards camera with binoculars. East German soldiers at border crossing. Another border crossing. East German soldier checks the papers of three people in German car. Lorry approaches border crossing. Guard dogs between East Berlin and West Berlin. Sign - 'Warning - end of British Sector - You are forbidden to proceed beyond this point'. Cobbled road with two people walking up the left side of it.

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