Film: 7536

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


The coronation of Sir Hari Singh as Maharaja of Kashmir, India, Asia. Richly jewelled Indian King sits on rugs in turban surrounded by jewelled and uniformed attendants and courtiers. One waves a fly swat over his head. Royal caste mark is placed on his forehead . He gets up and walks down a staircase in procession man holds parasol/umbrella over his head, he pats his horse, ascends ladder into howdah on a elephant, procession on elephants though the streets of a busy town with crowds. Possibly Srinagar, Kashmir, India, Asia. Sir Hari waves to the crowds from the top of the elephant. He then walks though a garden to a Durbar square and sitting on a throne he receives tribute in money . The titles say that his jewels are valued at £20 million .

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