Film: 7537

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Welders at work. Calder Hall in Cumberland. Queen opens nuclear power station (out of sync). Big KWH clock starts ticking. Construction of concrete reinforced with steel. Bucket diggers. Scientist with big mask and helmet, handles rod. Man works by putting arms through gloves in wall. Lots of men in white coats. Face masks as drums and barrels opened. Rods in water. Steel making, foundry, large plate of steel, pressed and rolled into shape. Oxyacetylene torch. Sign "Danger, Radiation, Keep away". X-ray sign. Building site, cranes. Men lowered on crane. Pickfords lorry pulling large load. British street, tram, large load being transported. Transporting on road. Men working inside and preparing reactor. Erecting reactor case. Men give directions.

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