Film: 7540

Places + Locations | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Nigeria. Life old and new. Praying mantis.

Close up of frangipani flower. A green praying mantis on a frangipani flower. Various close up shots of praying mantis. Close up view of a red hibiscus flower. Very close view of stamen of hibiscus flower. Various shots of tropical plants. A grasshopper on a yellow flower. Extreme close up of grasshopper eating and of its face.
A native village by a lake, there are reeds in the lake and palm trees along the shore. Next to the lake is a stick hut and a wood pile. Two men take a long canoe out onto the lake. Villages on shore wander around. Men paddling canoes come back to the village, several canoes with goods or food in them.
A vulture in a tree. A vulture nest. Close up of a vulture chick.
Inside the modern interior of a church, there is a painting of Mary and the baby Jesus.
Three Nigerian army officers stand formally to award medals. A white officer comes forward and the black CO pins a medal on his chest. A black officer comes forward and the black CO gives him a medal too. Another black soldier marches up to receive a medal. Squadron of soldiers on a parade ground, they are marching at half pace in formation. A marching band led by a white officer.
View of a mansion with a clock tower and a posh car parked outside. A black leader with a gold decorated hat talks. Two native leaders in traditional costume with feathers and holding wooden knives. A man in green robes and turban. A man in white robes and a red turban outside the city walls of Kano.
Construction or road workers with a pneumatic drill digging in the street. A group of people are being taught to ride bicycles. A 1950's bus drives through a gate in the city walls. The Emir's Palace. Modern buildings made of glass and concrete. Earth movers and building development. A busy street. Modern buildings. A railway tunnel being constructed. A man making something with sticks.
A vulture flying. A snake charmer with a python around his neck. A modern city street. A factory. People wearing robes and turbans. A market. Banana stall. A little girl carries a pile of wood on her head. Fabric or cloth being sold at market. A cigarette factory, cigarettes on conveyor belt.
A boat in a harbour, passengers on two levels of the boat. Vulture. Girls in colourful dresses. White mosque in Kano. Men making patterns on a circle of leather? A man in a turban smokes a cigarette. Earth movers and construction workers. A harbour and a crane unloads goods from a cargo ship. People sit on the ground and play drums. A small train pulling wagons of coal out of a tunnel. Construction. Officials talking-the Emir? A fabric factory, girls in colourful dresses. Construction workers, welding, earth movers or diggers. Boys in a playground play fighting. Crowd of people on horseback under the shade of some trees. Hundreds of horsemen in robes and turbans, some play musical instruments. Two men sit on the ground under a shade cloth. Buses, cars, horses and crowds in the street. A man on horseback in colourful robes and red turban. A man in white robes on horseback smokes a cigarette.

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