Film: 7549

Social History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Featuring Mabel Constanduros and Tommy Handley. Couple discuss elderly mother's health. Mother gets lectured by patronizing doctor. Younger woman sorts washing. Man eats dinner which is placed in front of him. Couple argue. Laundryman knocks on mother's door, takes back washing from her. People work in commercial laundry, steam-pressing, drying etc. large machine with rollers. Special machine for pressing shirt collars into shape. Rows of women hand ironing at ironing boards. Close up of hands packing clothes into a laundry box which then goes other parcels on conveyor-belt. Smarmy laundry owner or manager bows and praises two lady customers and thanks them for coming to see for themselves the work that they do. Lady pours tea from a tray of tea things and hands mother a cup of tea, son comes in, wife puts dinner in front of him , " Eat before it gets cold " . Woman sings the praises of using a laundry. No Monday wash day blues but a thousand happy days saved from drudgery. She hard sells in delirious happiness and doing her maths, its not that expensive ! She admires mother's blouse and mother couldn't have done it better herself. She holds up a bundle of washing for next week.

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