Film: 7553

Road Transport | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie.
(Earlier part of film 1920's). Couple cross footbridge over stream, he in hat and smoking, she in bonnet. Village, horse trap towards camera, man indicates to turn right. Farming, man turning hay, is sitting on horse drawn machine. Three men use pitchforks to turn hay. Little girl plays with hay. Picks up large bundle and falls over. Men rest on pitchforks.
Colour film (1940s). Two caravans. Car reverses up to one and we see it drive off hitched up (Kodachrome).
B/W (date code 1936). Caravan drives off. Drives on country road. Stops for cows. Man walking gets in car. Caravan and car in field. Driving through towns and villages. Parked with caravan door open. Leaving pub. To camera, away from camera, posh thatched cottage. (Nora Edwards?).

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