Film: 7556

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


An amateur home movie film that covers the Indian section of Violet Cordery's World Tour. First woman to drive around the world in 1927 in an Invicta car accompanied by her sister Evelyn, this leg apparently Calcutta to Bombay, India. Shaky point of view travelling shots taken from vehicle which passes horse drawn cart, animals laden with bags (some footage very dark). Woman next to Invicta car of the 1920s waving a kettle (to dry it?). Shot of the same car approaching the camera, it is piled high with bags and suitcases. The same car reversing. Very jerky shots of Indian street scene taken from moving car, goat almost run over, pass horse drawn taxi (Calcutta, India, Asia?). Stationary car, people gathered around its rear, train in background (stationary). More moving shots from car, road under trees, Indians carrying bags on their heads, a road crossing a river (very misty at this point). The still heavily laden car being pushed on to train carriage. Men in pith hats sitting and waiting on railway carriage next to car. Shots from train crossing a river bridge, river can be seen clearly. Shots of Indian countryside from moving car (again very shaky, not very clear), oxen pulling carts pass by (very quickly). Entering village, people walking, a herd of cattle grazing by road side, some run out in front of car and car slows down. Crowds in a town (difficult to make out). Rear of the stationary car with large GB sticker on it. Men with pith helmets sorting out paperwork. Car reverses towards camera. Large crate in to which the car is driven (with difficulty). The crate being reconstructed. The side of the crate that states 'Miss Violet Cordery - World Tour'. View from high point overlooking area full of people, groups sitting or standing and talking. People and a cow walking through the crowds, oxen pulling carts. Violet Cordery in dress and hat. Crate with automobile in it being raised by crane. Indian men positioning crate. Steam train leaving station. Crate still being positioned on train. Crate being placed on cart and then pulled away by oxen from railway station). Crate being lifted by crane, two men standing on top of it, crate painted with 'Invicta Car' on the side. Crate being positioned in a ship's / freighter's hold.

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