Film: 7560

Feature Drama | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie story film.
Continuation of thriller. Noel Duvall, suave detective hero in pursuit of cunning French criminal Herman Garoulle and gang. Lady Cartright's daughter had been kidnapped for ransom.

Herman Garoulle and lady friend are at plush dinner table in evening dress. Flowers in a vase on a polished side-table, a painting on the wall. H.G. lights her cigarette. They are relaxed. A dodgy gang member enters and speaks to H.G. The hero Duvall enters. He is relaxed, hand in pocket, and so are they. No urgency- they are all controlled. They talk for a moment. Still seated, H.G dramatically pulls a revolver from his pocket and points it at N.D, who is totally cool and unconcerned. The lady stands and while H.G is distracted, Duvall makes a clever dive to the floor and somehow unarms the Frenchman while hitting him in the face and then picks up the gun himself. A gang member enters and falls to the floor dropping his gun on seeing the N.D. The lady rushes to the aid of H.G. A second gang man enters, holds his hands up immediately, falling to the floor at Duvall's demand. N.D grabs the second revolver from the floor, points both at the gang and exits.

Inter-title: Duvall and friend Hugh Somerset are' very despondent' at home after the raid. They get word that H.G has sacked a girl gang member who may be able to be bribed on interview, as to the location of Susie, the child. She will be found at 'a low café' in Le Havre, France.

Interior. Evening. Duvall's study/drawing room. Animal trophies and hunting tools/ spears on the walls. A lit lamp. D sits on low seat, hugging his legs and chats. H.S. reads the paper on the arm of a chair. Relaxed but not happy. A scruffy working man enters, removes his flat-cap and hands N.D. a letter. He looks like he has travelled some distance. Both N.D and H.S read the letter and become instantly overjoyed.. They discuss.

Inter-title: Duval and Somerset head to the café- Le Chat Rouge, at Le Havre. But as the venue has an ' very unenviable reputation' they assume disguises-as' ''Toughs'' '.

N.D and H.S. in the study. Duvall at his desk. A servant enters bringing clothes. The two men undress and put on their disguises; scarves, flat-caps and shabby jackets. They smear dirt on their faces.
A close-up of Duvall showing his amazing transformation. He snarls for effect.
A close-up of Somerset. He too has changed, he is now rough and tough.
The two men sit. A butler enters, says something to them, then exits. A man enters, he is possibly the delivery man from earlier. Duvall passes him a letter and instructs him. The man salutes in understanding, then leaves.

Inter-title: ' The Dockside Café . ''Chat Rouge''. Le Havre.

Interior. A few tables. Many overhead lampshades. Posters on door and wall. Bar at back with large matronly woman serving. Shelves with many bottles on them. Several young loose women sat around. One reclines on a table top, another stumbles into a man. Some chat head in hands. A couple of men and a soldier are around. A sleazy, low-down bar scene. More men enter; a soldier and a sailor also, they talk to women.
Dancing begins. three couples, close hold.

Inter-title: ' ''Types'' '.

-Dancing couples. Two soldiers and sailor partnering loose girls. Girls with saucy, shiny dresses, silk scarves around necks and slick finger-waves in hair.
- Men around table playing cards; hats pulled low over eyes, scarves and hats. Smoking. Looking tough.
- Landlady behind bar. She has a large build and is frumpy. She wear glasses and her hair style is unattractive. She seems convivial. A succession of couples approach, get a drink, then leave.
- A plain girl. She sits on her own by the wall. She is unhappy

Inter-title: Entrance of Duval and Hugh.
The men enter the bar in disguise. They sit. People begin to notice these strangers. The Landlady and a couple of men come close to them. A couple of girls act concerned. There is all round surprise and suspicion.

Inter-title: 'Hugh spots Yvonne and asks her to join himself and Duval'.
The bar crowd resume what they were doing. Dancing, talking, drinking. Hugh stands and moves to the other side of the room to where a girl is sat. It is the sad girl who was on her own. She stands, joins him and walks back to their table. She begins to talk to the men.
Inter-title: Duval successfully bribes Y. as to Susie's whereabouts. H. garoulle's spy 'Pierre' attempts to knife D.
Two toughs enter and size up the scene. The two disguised sleuths talk with Y. People look on. Pierre moves behind our heroes. He is somehow tripped up by D, un-armed, falling to the floor. He leaves dejected. Y continues to talk, handing some precious written information to the men. She sits in a saucy and flirtatious manner; leaning close and stroking her bare legs. Jump-cut- Y has gone.
The men buy a paper and pay their bill.

Inter-title: 'A dispute and rough-house at the card-table', present an opportunity for the men to leave unseen.

A fight breaks out at the back of the bar- soldiers and working men. The girls of the bar flee to the opposite side in fear. Tables are knocked over.
Close-up. The fight. Several men in a tight punch-up. The landlady comes over brandishing a broom. She hits the men with it and tries to break up the fight.
The fight ends as quickly as it began. Normal bar-life is resumed. Dancing and drinking continue. Duval and Somerset slip out un-noticed.
Interior. D's study in the dark. The men enter. D turns on the lamp. They begin to take off their disguises. They are happy and are smiling. A job well done.

Inter-title: The men are back. They successfully managed to get a description and photograph of 'Mere Bogard', the woman( old crone from Part 1) holding Susie captive. D decides to make use of his 'almost uncanny art of make-up' to replace himself for the real lady.
The men are seated. Wiping the dirt from their faces.

Inter-title: 'The hiding place of Susie'.
Interior. A barn or a shed. A wooden chair. Straw is covering the floor. A pitch-fork leans against the wall. A working man and old Mere Bogard. She is tall and roughly dressed, a scarf around her chest and an eye-patch. Susie can be seen asleep on some straw. M.B picks up a metal jug, checks on the girl and exits.
Duvall enters carefully with a flash-light, wearing a hat and trench-coat. He carries a bundle of clothes. He places them down and wakes the girl. He signals for her to be quiet, whispers some instructions, she lies back down pretending to be asleep. D prepares himself, looking around, hushing the child several times. He gets out a cloth from his pocket and involves himself with it. The door opens and M.B. returns. D is behind; as she enters, he covers her mouth with the cloth, she collapses to the floor. The child sits up. D lies M.B flat on the floor and covers her with hay. Susie watches nervously. D puts on his disguise; wig, smock, eye-patch, skirt, scarf. He checks his incredible transformation in a pocket-mirror ,against the photograph of M.B.
The working man from earlier in this scene enters. He is none the wiser and summons them out of the shed. D in disguise, leads Susie out.

Inter-title: Garoulle has decided to change the hiding place tonight. This is fortunate for D's plan. Hugh Somerset has been posing as chauffeur to G. He is able to drive D. , S. and the man( Wallace who kidnapped S In Part 1) away without G and the gang knowing.

Exterior. Night- it is very dark. Gang members, G and his mistress. Hugh in disguise talks to G. Duval enters with Susie. Garoulle's girl greets S and fusses a bit over her. D and S get in the car. The gang watch as the car pulls away.

Inter-title: This only leaves Wallace to be dealt with.

Interior of car. W. is driving. D moves the girl so he is behind W. Duval then gets hold of W and repeatedly hits his head on the wheel. Interestingly W's hands are still on the wheel, steering, as he is beaten.
Interior. Duval's study. All three enter. They are tired but very happy. They sit.

Inter-title: Next morning. D waits for car to take S back home.

Close-up. D is smartly dressed once more. He lights a cigarette, he is smiling. S reads contentedly.
They are chatting. Susie swings her leg whilst on the arm of a chair; D stands. A butler enters and say something. S stands. Duval and the child embrace affectionately. She exits.

Inter-title: ' A memory once more'.

Close up of a young woman. Possibly 'Irma', Susie's elder sister seen In Part 1. She is speaking. She seems happy.
Duval alone in his study, leaning against his desk. He is in thought. He is content.
Inter-title: 'A thought: No! If One ever adventures again, then one must adventure honourably'.

Noel Duval Sits alone in his study.

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