Film: 7563

Industry + Work | 1980 | Mute | Colour


Gas, oil, electricity, greenhouse effect and environmental issues. Film that investigates how increasing demands on natural fuels can be met and its effect on the environment. Man ploughing on hillside using two oxen. Woman carrying bundle of wood. South American market, busy, woman with cooked meat. English yuppie middle class couple in fitted kitchen. Very White and very clean. Woman emptying dishwasher, man carving with electrically powered knife, television in background. Map of world oil reserves. North sea oil rig men working on rig and in laboratory. Motorways in Britain, aircraft possibly Boeing 747 landing, camels in desert, montage of newspaper headlines relating to the invasion of Iraq coupled with riots, tanks. Map of world gas reserves. Gas burning in desert. Drilling in freezing landscape. Lying pipes. Test tube. Oil tanker. Coal mines, power station (aerial view). Map of world coal reserves. Shots of modern mining techniques. Conveyor belt full of coal. Mountain of coal at harbour-side. Close up of candle. Professor Ian Fells. Long shot of Power station. Diagram of how greenhouse effect works.

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