Film: 7566

Sport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Le Mans Road Sign. General views of Le Mans - the market place, big church. In central square, building has "Automobile Club de l'Ouest".
On race track phantom ride type drive. Car passes bicyclist. Following the white dotted line. Signs of famous cars - Renault, Fiat, Riley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Skoda, Allard, Cadillac, Rolls Bentley, Talbot, Delahaye, Aston Martin. Also the names of Dunlop and Simca. Man watches racing car being test driven through binoculars. Another man with stopwatch as car pulls in. "I made that lap a shade over 91, nice going, old girl". Woman driver - "damn bumpy, if you ask me". She wears a light leather hat. Man and woman driver test suspension. They suggest altering suspension. Man approaches and explains he designed the Dunlop tyres they are using. Girl gets in car and drives off. Camera in car as it races off and goes round bends. Dunlop designer concerned that girl is alright because she is driving car with too low a tyre pressure. Close up in car of girl changing gear. Close up of braking. She wears goggles. There are bicyclists on race track. She feels the steering wheel wobble. She turns bend and has a minor crash. Close up of spinning wheel before crash. Me are concerned because she has not yet arrived back at the pits. She reverses out of the bank. Man looks through binoculars as car approaches pits. Girl is stiff as she gets out. Girl tells tyre designer he was right.

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