Film: 7567

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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'On vote en France' Election
People sitting in the shade at bench tables chatting. A man posting a voting slip in ballot box. Two people, legs only showing as they stand filling in the slip, lots of discarded paper on the floor. Close up of older man voting, holding his wallet, and shaking hands smiling afterwards. Men sat on steps of building reading newspapers. More men playing boules. Others sat outdoors at café reading papers. A village with black and white house and church in background with men in black hats making their way to vote at Schleithal (Mairie de Schleithal Community). Inside building voting and outside they stand around. St Jean Pierre-fixte community. View of church with people congregated outside the doorway. Voting. Close up of a man in cap with cigarette in his mouth. A man goes into small building and closes wooden gate behind him. Another queue of people waiting to vote. Church. Newspaper heading 'La France a vote'. More headlines and results. Pie-graph of results June 1946.
'Cette Semaine'. River, bridge and cranes working. Demolished building. Gutenberg monument in Mainz. 'Domus Universitatis'. New building under construction. Planners meeting. Builders working.
Dignitaries and v.i.p's.. 'UT OMNES UNUM SINT' Good view of building. People inside take seats. Audience. Speech. Clergy.
Troops line up. Man and woman arrive and get out of car. (Eljen Karolyl Mihaly Cegled Varos Diszpolgara). Man inspects troops. Woman in hat follows holding bouquets of flowers. Speech inside.
Paris. Man in glasses sat outdoors drinking glass of wine and smoking. Eifel Tower blurred and moving. Man takes off his glasses… sees six Eifel towers circling, then two moving around. Woman pushing empty pushchair in gardens, two children, probably twins, run alongside. View from ground level looking up at Eifel tower. People queuing to go up the Eifel Tower, including servicemen. Sign 'Piller est ascenseur escalier' and 'Attention aux pickpockets'. Lift moving up viewed from below inside the framework. People inside lift as it goes up. Lift Shaft. Views from lift through structure of Eifel tower. Views from top of building. A photographer stands on a ledge taking photos obviously not scared of heights! He then walks and climbs a rail before being seen hanging onto the framework taking photos. A man hoists the French flag.
Notre Dame Cathedral. 3rd January 1946. The wedding of Elisabeth De Gaulle and General Alain de Boisseau. People line the steps. Bride arrives. Choir members in cassocks. Congregation seated. Bride and Groom. Bride knelt. Signing register. Crowds outside. Bridge and groom walking down steps followed by bridesmaids. Scene with car waiting at bottom of steps. President De Gaulle. Car leaving with bride and groom.
'Beaute mon beau Souci'. Two elegant young women, one in fashionable glasses and the other putting a pair on. Close up of the blonde in decorative glasses as she turns. Brunette in jewelled glasses. Group of women in evening dress wearing glasses.
Woman sat by large mirror and a man places a hairpiece on the back of her head and fixes it. Close up of hair. More women with fashionable unusual hair pieces. Woman in evening dress stands by elegant table and chairs admiring a floral arrangement. Another looks in a hand mirror with hair piece curled at the sides, a little like 'horns'. Another hairstyle which is braided and plaited.

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